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During our season 8 episode, we explained our mission to bring more business to the farmers of Afghanistan, ultimately providing them with a better way of life, while simultaneously creating a stronger infrastructure for the country as a whole. 

We covered all things saffron-- including the $60 million saffron market, our current pricing, projected sales, and gross margin numbers. After answering questions from all of the sharks, it was Mark Cuban who offered our team $250,000 for 15% equity in the company. He gave two reasons for making the deal: 

#1 He respected our work to empower the Afghan farmers

#2 He likes to work with veterans

Selected for the 

Chobani Food Incubator

Rumi was thrilled to be one of 7 innovative, disruptive, and purpose-driven companies chosen to learn and work together at the Chobani headquarters in SOHO, NY. 

FedEx Small Business Grant Contest Winner

We are so grateful to FedEx for this award. FedEx is instrumental to our operations and to providing Afghan farmers with access to the international market.

National Launch into Whole Foods Market

Our partnership with Whole Foods Market makes us the first food product from Afghanistan to be nationally distributed in the United States. 

Appearance on NPR's Weekend Edition

Rumi Spice sat down with host, Renee Montagne, to discuss how we decided to change the dynamic of rural Afghanistan and how we are fighting terrorism through Saffron. 

$2.5 Million Series A Investment

In December 2018, Rumi announced we would be receiving a $2.5 million Series A investment from InFrontier. With this investment, team Rumi will be able to grow our business even more. 

New Product Launches

Since our appearance on Shark Tank, we've grown our family of products to include saffron-driven spice blends and, coming soon, a brand new cumin spice line!


Saffron Spice Blends

Help cultivate peace with our hand-crafted and artisanal spice blends featuring premium Rumi Saffron. 

The vibrant flavors of our superior Afghan Saffron are channeled into easy-to-use blends for popular dishes like paella, curry, Kabul piquant chicken, and more!


Black Cumin

Our Black Cumin is grown wild along the foothills of the Hindu Kush mountains in Afghanistan, the mountainous terroir adds an extra layer of sharp earthy and piney flavors to our black cumin spice. 

The intoxicating and aromatic Afghan Black Cumin will take you on a culinary journey from Indian dishes like malai kofta to Mexican favorites like chicken fajitas.

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We are incredibly grateful for the opportunity to appear on ABC’s Shark Tank and cannot wait to see what’s in store for our team for the future!

Thank you for your support!

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